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Mark A. Carey, M.A. established Kaulele Education Services in September, 2000. As a Learning Specialist, he is credentialed and trained to evaluate and teach students of all ages, including those with specific learning disabilities, ADHD, and other learning challenges. He builds supportive, individual relationships with students and their families that bring improved understanding, practical strategies, and inspiration for academic success.

SINCE 1975

Are you concerned about your child's educational progress?

  • Is he doing poorly in one or more subjects?
  • Does she seem unmotivated?
  • Is homework a constant struggle?
  • Is she losing interest and joy in learning?
  • Are you concerned about whether he or she will graduate?
  • Do you wonder if there is a learning problem?
  • Are you considering a change of schools?

develops confidence, organization, and motivation in both struggling students and those who are already achieving well. Individual and small group tutoring helps students build success in their classes, ease homework issues at home, strengthen reading and study skills, and enjoy a more positive academic experience overall.
Grades K-Adult.
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gives students and families a practical, accurate, comprehensive view of specific learning strengths and challenges. With that understanding, constructive strategies and appropriate expectations for improvement are built. Students find immediate benefit from the confidence and motivation that this positive guidance generates. [read more]

offers families a knowledgable perspective and specific information that can aid in school choice decisions, making use of prior testing data, setting appropriate expectations, and implementing strategies for common academic concerns that arise at home. [read more]

Introducing Clinical Psychologist Dr. Laura Anderson
and Seaside Psychological Services

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