Diagnostic Tutoring Series

Kaulele offers a plan designed to allow students to strengthen specific skill sets with a special eye to the learning challenges he or she is having in that area. We will work directly on the academic skills of concern with two goals: learning more in the skill area and learning the study skills and strategies to best tackle these skills given your particular learning strengths.

A Diagnostic Tutoring Series includes six one-hour tutoring sessions based on one of the themes below. The Diagnostic Tutoring Series does not include formal, standardized testing and does not serve to provide a diagnosis for a learning disability, but rather is an informal approach to discovering where a student stands and how he or she can best proceed in a given skill area. Formal evaluation is available as a separate service.

$525 includes six sessions and a written followup report summarizing strategies and recommendations.

Word Recognition, Comprehension, and Fluency
A series of activities selected to develop basic decoding and word-recognition skills, employ strategies to monitor comprehension, and practice fluency through oral reading. Can include technology solutions such as Text-to-Speech. All grade levels.

Reading and Literature
Designed to build confidence and enhance enjoyment of literature through a variety of activities. Student will select a book or books to read with guidance. Activities may include shared oral reading to develop fluency and monitor comprehension, vocabulary expansion, creation of outlines and other writing organizers to summarize character and plot development, exploration of related interests, etc. All grade levels.

Writing Paragraphs, Essays, and Reports
Activities will center on strategies to organize ideas prior to writing, basic writing skills, and a systematic approach to revision and proofreading. Use of the computer will be central to the approach. Emphasis for each student will depend on grade and overall skill level as well as on the specific aspect of written language that is most challenging. All grade levels.

Spelling and Writing
Activities for development of spelling skills are integrated with a variety of tasks that may include phonics instruction, manuscript or cursive handwriting, typing and word processing skills, paragraph development, and systematic revision. Elementary and Middle School.

Basic Math
A custom-tailored series of activities designed to strengthen basic math fundamentals: math fact fluency, computation, fractions/decimals/percents, and math reasoning. Geared toward students who have struggled with elementary or middle school math and need positive, strategy-wise math experiences to build skills and confidence.

Basic Algebra
A review of basic algebra concepts and procedures, reasoning, problem-solving, and study strategies. Geared toward students who had difficulty with Algebra I or Pre-Algebra and need to reinforce their skills for upcoming Algebra or other advanced math.

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