Kaulele Education Services provides cognitive and academic evaluation of students of all grades, including college students and adults. Cognitive evaluation assesses how a student learns and identifies his or her strengths and weaknesses in basic learning processes. Academic evaluation provides standardized measures of a student's achievement in reading, writing, spelling, math, oral language, and other areas.

  • Each evaluation is tailored to the individual. Evaluation can be limited in scope to provide a basic measure of achievement and/or aptitude, or it can take the form of on-going, in-depth diagnostic testing combined with instruction. An evaluation includes a review of existing data followed by formal and informal assessments, a detailed written report, and conferencing as needed.
  • Educational evaluation is useful for academic planning. The information gained may be used to help make school placement decisions or to document eligibility for special education services and classroom accommodations. Evaluations are often requested in preparation for college or private secondary school applications to document a student's need for alternative testing procedures.
  • Nearly all students enjoy the process of educational evaluation and gain confidence from the experience when it is done by a capable examiner with a positive and constructive orientation. Students benefit from the time spent in a one-to-one relationship with a knowledgable, objective, and caring professional who helps them to see more clearly how their minds work-- someone who can help them take pride in their strengths and give them practical support for areas of difficulty.

You can discuss your educational testing concerns at Kaulele. There is no fee for an initial telephone consultation to review your questions. See the Menu of Fees for more information about different evaluation options.

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