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Tutoring can directly support the student in his or her schoolwork providing supplemental teaching to review or preview skills and helping him or her more successfully complete assigned work.

  • Tutoring can provide a separate program of remedial work for students needing to build skills to which they have been exposed but have not mastered.
  • Tutoring can provide a separate enrichment program, providing new opportunities to gain or extend skills and information in areas not being addressed in their regular school placement.
  • A combination of these approaches is often appropriate.

Most students attend regularly scheduled, one-hour individual tutoring sessions in the Kapa`a office. Written, daily reports are provided summarizing each session. Weekly or twice weekly sessions are most common during the school year, while Summer Tutoring offers a wide range of scheduling options. Diagnostic Tutoring is a discounted series of six sessions designed to understand and respond to a specific learning concern that you may have.

A tutoring relationship is an effective means to better understand a student's learning strengths and weaknesses. It is an excellent way to develop confidence, organization, motivation, and study skills in successful students as well as in struggling students. A tutoring relationship can be the scaffolding which allows a student to climb to greater heights of direct responsibility for his or her own education in the long run.

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