Consultation can be arranged regarding a variety of educational issues.

  • When a student is struggling with any aspect of school performance, a consultation may help outline variables that can be taken into account to address the difficulty. Such consultation may direct the family to resources outside of Kaulele such as the public school system, teachers and other professionals, or a variety of published sources. Consultation can help a parent determine if existing assessments of the student are adequate or if and how additional information can be determined. General or very specific strategies can be developed to address the issues.
  • When a student and parents are having difficulty resolving homework issues at home, a consultation can help determine relevant factors and lead to the development of strategies for remediation or accommodation.
  • When a family is considering a change in school placement, a consultation may help the family set priorities and evaluate relevant factors on which such a decision can be made.
  • A review of prior evaluations of a student may shed new light on that information or clarify questions that such an evaluation may have raised. Such a review and planning session may be done for students who are receiving services at Kaulele as well as for students who are not in the area.
  • Communication with classroom teachers is done upon request of the parent, student, or teacher. In the case of students receiving ongoing tutoring, communication between the teacher and tutor is often important, but it is also acknowledged that most teachers must limit time spent in communication with tutors due to the extraordinary demands already made on their time. Thus, as much as possible, students are expected and helped to be the central communicators. Teachers and other school staff are typically consulted during the course of formal evaluation.
  • Attendance at parent-teacher conferences by the tutor or evaluator can help share and expand mutual understanding of the student and can facilitate when a parent finds communication with the school challenging.
  • Inservice presentations to school staff or parent groups can address a wide variety of topics related to learning.

Bring your education-related questions to Kaulele. There is no charge for an initial telephone consultation. Together we can determine how Kaulele Education Services can help you, whether it is through direct service or by directing you to an appropriate resource.

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