Laura S. Anderson, Psy.D.


September, 2000 Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Hawaii.

1995-1999 Doctor of Psychology (Psy. D.), September 1999,
Wright State University School of Professional Psychology, Dayton, Ohio
Child/Adolescent Specialty Focus, APA accredited

1988-1992 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Williams College, Williamstown,


Sept. 1999 to present Mokihana Program, Department of Education/Department of Health, Lihue, Kauai
The Mokihana Program is an innovative school-based mental health service delivery system. Clinical psychologists and master’s level clinicians have offices on school campuses, and provide direct services to students and families, as well as consultation to school personnel.
Primary interventions include individual, family and group therapy with preschool and school- aged children.
• As school-based provider, conduct frequent consultation with teachers and administration, as well as district level special education personnel.
• Conduct psychological evaluations to determine appropriateness for school-based mental health services as part of students’ educational plans.
• Conduct emergency assessments with students to identify risk of lethality and determine appropriate follow-up care.
• Consultation with psychiatrists, social workers and school psychologists as part of multi-disciplinary treatment teams.

Sept. 2001 to present Kapiolani Child Protection Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
• Provide consultation to a multidisciplinary team designed to review the needs of, and determine treatment and disposition planning for, children and families involved with Children’s Protective Services.

March 2005 to June 2005 Oxfam Australia, Akkaraipattu, Sri Lanka
• Full-time volunteer mental health consultant to Oxfam Australia and other International Non-Governmental Organizations during the mental health crisis that followed the tsunami in 2005. Provided training to local medical and mental health professionals, and to local community volunteers. Completed emergency risk assessments to individuals in need. Assisted in program development for ongoing crisis management services as well as future emergency response plans.

Jan. 2002 to Dec 2004 Child and Family Services, Head Start Program, Lihue, Kauai
• Mental health consultant to island-wide program, including all 8 active Head Start sites. Provide consultation to administration, site staff, and program parents. Consultation related to program development and behavioral support for classrooms and/or specific children with specialized emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs. Administrative role includes developing performance standards, designing agency-relevant mental health tools, and integrating mental health services into various levels of programming.

Jan. 2000 to Oct 2002 Hawaii Behavioral Health, Lihue Kauai, and Hilo, Hawaii
• Provided monthly individual and group consultation services to masters and doctoral level home-based therapists servicing high-end families with children of all ages.

April 2001 to June 2001 Professional Services for Behavioral Health, Child and Family Services, Ewa Beach HI
• Provided consultation in the development of requests for mental health service proposals

Sept. 98 to Aug. 99 Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children/ Kapiolani Counseling Center; Honolulu, Hawaii Psychology Intern
• Interventions primarily consisted of individual, play, and family therapy to pre-school and school-aged children, and adolescents. Also provided individual, family, couples therapy and comprehensive psychological evaluations for adult clientele.
• Conducted psychodiagnostic assessments with school-aged children and adolescents. Batteries include intelligence, achievement, and objective and projective personality instruments. Also conducted learning disability assessment batteries.
• Conducted psychosocial mental health evaluations for the Departments of Health and Education. Determine appropriateness for school supportive services to enhance learning and general school functioning.
• Provided parenting training regarding age-appropriate expectations and reinforcement strategies. Conducted community presentations on specific parenting training for ADHD.

Sept. 97 to Aug. 98 Center for Child and Adolescent Violence Prevention Dayton, Ohio
Psychology Trainee
Positive Adolescent Choices Training (PACT)/ Violence Prevention Training Institute Dayton, Ohio
PACT is a culturally sensitive, school-based training program developed to reduce the risk of African American youth becoming victims or perpetrators of violence.
• Co-facilitated groups of 6 to 10 culturally diverse adolescents using a cognitive/behavioral group training method.
• Consulted with teachers, school psychologists, parents, case managers, administrators, and student support team members. Presented teacher in-services and parent workshops related to the intervention model.
• Trained other professionals at Violence Prevention Training Institute workshops.

Sept. 97 to Aug. 98 Victor McCarley & Associates, Dayton, Ohio
Psychology Trainee

• Conducted diagnostic, cognitive, and personality assessments with children,adolescents and adults.
• Provided short and long-term individual child, adolescent, and family therapy for diverse clientele.
• Conducted comprehensive psychodiagnostic parenting evaluations for Children’s Services Board to assist in child placement planning. Consulted with Children’s Services Board regarding assessment of referred clientele.

Sept. 97 to Aug. 98 Preventing Anxiety and Depression in Youth (PANDY) Ellis Institute for Human Development Dayton, Ohio
Psychology Trainee

PANDY is a psychoeducational program, based on a cognitive behavioral model, designed to prevent anxiety and depression in elementary school children between the ages of 8 and 11.
• Co-facilitated weekly child psychoeducational groups and periodic parent psychoeducactional groups.
• Conducted initial and ongoing clinical assessments to monitor treatment effectiveness.

June 97 to Oct. 97 Preventing Abuse in the Home (PATH) Ellis Institute for Human Development, Dayton, Ohio
Psychology Trainee
• Planned and co-facilitated weekly psychoeducational groups for court-appointed males with histories of domestic violence perpetration.
• Conducted assessments to determine program effectiveness.

Sept. 96 to Aug. 97 Upper Valley Medical Centers/Child Practicum Consortium, Troy, Ohio
Psychology Trainee

Dettmer Hospital Adolescent Inpatient Unit 6 month rotation 9/96-3/97
• Provided crisis intervention and short-term care to adolescents and their families from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.
• Conducted solution-focused individual and family therapy as well as group therapy with adolescents ranging in age from 11 to 17.

Dettmer Adolescent Residential Center (ARC)
6 month rotation 3/97-8/97
Dettmer ARC is a locked residential facility for adolescents ranging in age from 12-17.
• Conducted individual and family therapy with adolescent residents.
• Administered diagnostic, cognitive and personality assessments. Completed integrative psychological reports for social service agencies, school systems and treating psychiatrists.
• Co-facilitated specialized psychotherapeutic groups for male residents placed in the Conduct Offender Track due to histories of sexual abuse perpetration.
• Received focused supervision for child neuropsychological assessments.

March 96 to July 96 Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio
Psychology Trainee

• Assessed children, ages 6-16, primarily for diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder or for inclusion in Gifted and Talented educational programs.

April 94 to Aug. 95 Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth Juvenile Detention Facility, Canaan, New York
Child Care Worker
The Berkshire Farm is a semi-secure detention facility for 250 court adjudicated juvenile delinquent males, ages 12-17 from New York state.
• Maintained milieu in living unit for 18-25 male residents, placed for 3 to 12 months. Treatment plans were based on cognitive-behavioral interventions.
• Co-facilitated general psychotherapy and social skills groups for residents.

Oct. 92 to Feb. 94 St. Theresa’s School Elementary School Teacher
Johannesburg, South Africa
St. Theresa’s is an elementary school for African children in a lower socioeconomic township outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.
• Taught Physical Education to children grades Kindergarten through sixth. Tutored individual remedial English students.
• Introduced new Physical Education program for boys and girls, grades K-6.
• Coached several school sports teams, including soccer, track and netball.

Jan. 92 toJune 92 Bennington School Child Care Worker
Bennington, Vermont

Bennington School is a residential treatment facility for male and female adolescent sexual abuse survivors.
• Assisted staff with behavioral programming for residents.
• Co-facilitated general psychotherapy and anger management groups for residents.

Dec. 92 to Jan. 93 County Human Services Department Child Abuse Intake Center Intake Unit Intern
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

• Aided social service workers in investigations of alleged child abuse and neglect.
• Processed juvenile delinquent intake, placement suggestions, court proceedings and dispositional planning for the adjacent juvenile detention facility.


• American Psychological Association, Member since 1995
• Hawaii Psychological Association, Member since 1998
• Clinical Psychology, Child APA Division 12, Member since 1996
• Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues, APA Division 45, Member since 1997
• Sole recipient of the Dean’s Award in the graduating class of Wright State University’s doctoral psychology program in 1999.
• Selected as the annual 2009-2010 new VIP member of Cambridge’s Who’s Who professional membership organization.


Anderson, L., (October 2008). “Smile At a Girl Ethiopia.” Children’s book written in the process of publication by non-profit organization Ethiopia Reads.

Anderson, L., (August 2008). “Ohana in the Classroom.” Co-written play related to body image, self-esteem and eating disorder prevention. Play obtained and workshopped by Kauai Pono Partners Children’s Theater. Plan is to have it performed in schools and at community locations.

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